Short description

GTK+ has recently reduced the use of menu bars. While this make applications easier to use, looking for keyboard shortcuts are now harder than before. This project aims to add a feature to GTK+ to show the keyboard shortcuts and touch gestures of applications using a single keyboard shortcut, and access to the Help application to view the application's documentation.

About me

I am Arnel, a student taking BS Computer Engineering at University of the Philippines, Diliman. If you want to contact me, send an e-mail to kyoushuu AT yahoo DOT com. You could also find me in IRC in #gnome-music channel with nickname "arnel" or "kyoushuu". My blog is

Ultimate Goal

Looking for keyboard shortcuts and touch gestures will be easier.

Learning how to use a new application will be easier to users. Advance users who forgot certain keyboard shortcuts or gestures could easily look them up.

Application developers could easily add a help window that shows keyboard shortcuts and touch gestures, which also looks consistent with other GNOME/GTK+ applications.

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