GnomeKeysign - an easy way to sign OpenPGP keys

Short description

The GnomeKeysign tool is very new and the code is not yet ready for proposing for people to actually use it. This proposal is about working on remaining issues with GnomeKeysign such that it becomes user- and GNOME-ready.

About me

My name is Andrei Macavei and I am now finnishing my third year in Computer Science & Engineering. I have started working on this project last summer during the GSoC 2014 programme.

Contact me at :

  • IRC (GimpNet / Freenode) : andreimac

  • Email : andrei.macavei89 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com

I will also post my working progress on this blog.


25 May - 7 June

Add internationalization support. Read about pygpgme. Clean-up git branches.

8 June - 21 June

Replace current pgp wrapper with pygpgme.

22 June - 5 July

Replace qrencode extension with pure python library(pyqrcode). Polish the GUI.

6 July - 19 July

Fix untackled issues. Get more info about making a secure transfer.

20 July - 2 Aug

Implement the secure channel. Start working on a testing infrastructure.

3 Aug - 16 Aug

Write tests for all parts of the app. Present project at GUADEC 2015.

17 Aug - 25 Aug

Clean-up code. Get a proper GNOME repository. Submit GSoC 2015 final evaluation.

after GSoC

Get people involved into using GnomeKeysign.

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