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GNOME started its process to revamp its UX with the 3.x era. Since this process started the GUI and the way it interacts with the user has been improved iteration after iteration. At the time the GNOME HIG guidelines are stable, but some modules need more love to be up-to-date to the new mockups. One of these is gnome-documents with its new collection pattern.


May 25 - June 08

Until this date I'll study how collections are currently renamed and deleted. I'll also study how to use the GtkListBox widget to implement the mockup.

June 09 - June 22

I'll implement part of the state when there are collections: displaying only the list of collections without interactions.

June 23 - July 06

It'll be possible to add a new collection.

July 07 - July 20

Every existing collection will show its own disclosure triangle with its popover.The rename action will be implemented.

July 21 - August 03

The delete action, with the undo action will be implemented.

August 04 - August 17

The “collections” entry will be added in the burger menu in the preview. The empty state of the collections dialog will be implemented.

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