Boxes: Hardening Sprint, GtkAssistant and MIME-types Integration

Goal of this project

The goal of this project is to polish Boxes to make it as close to perfection as possible. To achieve this, I'll:

  • port its installation wizard to GtkAssistant and polish it,

  • improve its usage of MIME-types,
  • try to find as much undiscovered bugs as I can,
  • polish the GUI and get rid of as much small bugs as possible in the form of a hardening sprint,
  • add tests for the bugs I fix.


I'm a student in it's first year of M.Sc. in Software and Web Architecture and Engineering at University of Science and Technology Montpellier 2, Montpellier, France

I participated in GSoC 2104 for Boxes, adding the ability to run multiple VMs at the same time, each one in its own window.

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