Gedit code-analysis plugin using coala

Personal Information


  • The aim of the project is to make a plugin for gedit which can do static analysis on code and make these visible to the user (and if possible, auto-correct). coala, the code-analysis application provides a framework for static analysis along with modularized analyzers called bears. In the project, coala will be extended to support dbus outputs and gedit-code-assistance will be configured to allow coala as an additional backend.

Project Description

  • To gedit - This project would be a great value add, as it brings a light-weight plugin which helps developers in an editor itself - without using a full-fledged, bulky IDE. And this would not affect the current working of gedit-code-assistance + gnome-code-assistance, as this project gives a second backend for the plugin. Also, as coala has the modularized concept of Bears, it is highly extensible and customizable using coafiles. coala offers analysis at different complexity levels (depending on which bears are used) and can be used for something as simple as to check for new lines to check code duplication throughout the project.

    To coala - The dbus interactor in coala can be extended to be used along with vim, sublime or even IDEs like gnome-builder and eclipse and hence provides an excellent, modular base to improve coala’s UI.

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