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Call for ideas

When: 2-3 weeks before GSoC organization applications are due

Subject: GSoC 2015 call for ideas
To: desktop-devel-list , soc-mentors-list
CC: soc-admins

Dear GNOME hackers,

It's that time of the year again: Google Summer of Code is approaching. We've updated our program pages [1] to have the latest information and we need your help in creating a list of great project ideas. It's essential that we have a well-prepared ideas page when GNOME applies as a mentoring organization by next Friday, February 20.

So what should you do? Please visit the ideas page [2] and enter your project ideas under the "Untriaged Ideas" section.

 * Discuss your ideas with designers in #gnome-design to get their input and plan collaboration, especially if your ideas are related to one of the core GNOME modules. If you are not sure who to speak to, start with Allan Day (aday).
 * Consider manageable ideas consisting of multiple smaller features that share a common theme, in addition to single large feature ideas. See the information for mentors page [3] for more on preferred project formats and other mentoring resources.

If you are interested in being a mentor this year or at any point find yourself drafted to be one, please join soc-mentors-list [4] to receive future communications about GNOME's participation in GSoC, including the information about important deadlines.

The GNOME administrators for GSoC participation this year are Alexandre Franke, Christophe Fergeau, Ekaterina Gerasimova, Lasse Schuirmann, and Marina Zhurakhinskaya. Big thank you to Fabiano Fidencio, who was an administrator for the last two years! Welcome to Lasse Schuirmann, who was a GSoC participant last year!

The GNOME Google Summer of Code Administrators


GSoC and Outreachy are ON!

When: the day Google announces organizations accepted for GSoC

Subject: GSoC and Outreachy are ON!
To: desktop-devel-list , foundation-list, gnome-soc-list, gnome-women-list
CC: soc-admins, gnome-outreachy-list, women-outreach, soc-mentors-list

Hi all,

GNOME was accepted for GSoC and is participating in Outreachy! \\o//

Thanks to mentors who've already listed GSoC project ideas! We currently only have four GSoC ideas, which are still open to new applicants, so please consider adding your idea if you are willing to mentor this summer [1].

Because we only usually have a few participants in Outreachy, we only offer projects that are most strategic for GNOME through it. These include, but are not limited to, projects in the area of privacy [2], developer experience, GTK+ [3], core experience, core applications [4], and web infrastructure. Please add your coding and non-coding ideas for Outreachy on its page [5]. You can put the same coding idea both on GSoC and Outreachy ideas pages.

In the next 3 weeks, prospective applicants are asked to work with mentors on making relevant contributions and putting together a project proposal [6] [7].

Everyone, please help us spread the word about both opportunities by encouraging people personally to apply, posting on social networks, sending the information to the university departments and technology groups, and posting the flyers on university campuses or handing them out at conferences. Sample e-mail, sample social network updates, and flyers are available on the spread the word page [8].



Ask mentors to register in melange

When: a few days after the GSoC applications open to students

First, subscribe mentors who listed their ideas on the ideas page, but are not in the subscribers list for soc-mentors-list, to that list. Use the following note for the additional text for the subscription notification:


Thank you for volunteering to mentor in GSoC this year! This mailing list will be used for important communications throughout the application process and the internships. Please feel free to unsubscribe if you don't end up mentoring anyone this summer.


Subject: please register to view students' applications
To: soc-mentors-list
CC: soc-admins

Dear mentors,

The GSoC application system opened to students yesterday and we already have a few applications in. Here is what you can do to help:

 - register and "start connection" with GNOME
 - review proposals
 - provide public feedback to students
 - provide private feedback to other mentors and admins
 - score proposals; please provide your score and an explanation in a private comment, otherwise we won't know who the score is from
 - select "Wish to mentor" if you are willing to mentor the student

Please use the following scoring system:

5 = rockstar proposal, the student is very experienced and could be a module maintainer on completing the program, the student already made extensive contributions of high quality to GNOME
4 = strong proposal, the student will do a good job, the student made substantial contributions of high quality to GNOME (> ~50 lines of code)
3 = reasonable proposal, but the student is somewhat inexperienced
2 = marginal proposal, the student is unlikely to do a good job
1 = poor proposal, the student is not a good candidate


After this, for any new mentor indicated by a student in their application, you can subscribe them to soc-mentors-list and forward this e-mail.

Ask mentors again to register in melange

When: once the GSoC applications close to students

First, subscribe people who were identified by GSoC applicants as a possible mentor, but are not in the subscribers list for soc-mentors-list, to that list. Use the following note for the additional text for the subscription notification:


You were identified by a GSoC applicant as a possible mentor. This mailing list will be used for important communications throughout the application process and the internships. Please feel free to unsubscribe if you don't end up mentoring anyone this summer.


Subject: please review students' applications and indicate willingness to mentor by April 6
To: soc-mentors-list
CC: soc-admins

Dear mentors,

The GSoC application system closed to students yesterday. First, some statistics:
  - 53 applicants
  - 41 have completed the required contribution
  - 24 have been contributing to GNOME prior to February 1, 2015 (i.e. before GSoC application process)
  - 13 have participated in GSoC or OPW with GNOME before
  - 17 have made their first contribution since February 1, 2015 (i.e. in the context of applying for GSoC)

So, overall, a strong engagement with applicants and a proof that we provide a great internship experience with many return applicants. Thanks to everyone who helped students land their first patches!

Included below is a list of people the students identified as possible mentors, along with the usernames/names of students. If you are listed as mentor in that list, please be sure to do the following by April 6:

 - register and "start connection" with GNOME in
 - review proposals from your applicants
 - score proposals according to the scoring guidelines in the e-mail below, and provide your score and an explanation in a private comment
 - select "Wish to mentor" if you are even possibly willing to mentor the student; this is important because GSoC slot allocation algorithm run on April 13 will not give GNOME more slots than we have set mentors for
 - optionally, provide public feedback to students
 - continue encouraging and supporting the students in making contributions to gauge how strong of an applicant they are
 - if you have more strong applicants than you can possibly mentor during the summer, find co-mentors or alternate mentors
 - if you have multiple strong applicants applying for the same project, see if you can figure out a way to divide the work between them
 - if in one of the above two situations, you can neither find additional mentors, nor divide the work between students, help some of the students find a different project and mentor, and let other folks on this list know if you need any help with that



<include an alphabetical listing of mentors identified by students, with a sub-listing of students for each mentor>


<include the earlier "please register to view students' applications" e-mail because it has the scoring guidelines>

Welcome to summer of code

When: place in GSoC system form several days before results are announced to students

Placed in "Message to accepted students" on the organization page in Melange.

Dear GNOME-loving student,

Congratulations: you did it! The GNOME community is glad to welcome
you, and to have you participate in Google Summer of Code and work

Some of you already know the GNOME community quite well, but it might
not be the case for every one of you. That's not a problem: GSoC has a
community bonding time, where you will have a few weeks to get to know
the community before starting the real work. That's a really good
thing, and we hope you'll be able to see how great, friendly and
helpful the GNOME community is!

The first thing we want you to do is to contact your mentor. Write her
or him a nice mail or buy her/him a beer (or some juice) if you happen
to live in the same city :-).

If during the GSoC, you have a problem with your mentor (lack of
communication, or misunderstandings, or deep disagreements, or
anything else), don't hesitate to report that to the GNOME
administrators (listed on ):
they'll be there to help with this kind of things and their goal is
to make sure that you feel good, so they will work hard to fix any
issue with your mentor. But hopefully, this won't be needed: all
mentors and administrators are nice people (or at least, they're
supposed to be ;-)).

We will subscribe you to our mailing list for the Summer of Code:

This is the list where mails will be sent when we need to reach all of
you. Feel free to use this list for discussion between all mentored
students, or to ask questions about GNOME, or about the community or
about anything you need.

To begin things, it would be great if you send to this list an
introduction mail so that the whole community knows about you, your
project, your plans, etc.

You can then use your introduction mail to fill the wiki page for your
GSoC project. First, add a link to it from a page that lists all
projects, then create a wiki page for your individual project.

This is a good place to introduce your project, link to the blog posts
you'll write, link to your code, etc. See the wiki pages from
last year if you need some examples:

Feel free to edit other pages of the GNOME wiki too. This is where we
post the information relevant to the GNOME projects. From time to time,
you might like to look through the recent changes page to see what's
going on in GNOME.

Planet GNOME is an aggregator of blogs of GNOME contributors. From now
on, it will serve as your morning newspaper :-). We ask that you add
your blog to Planet GNOME, creating a new blog if necessary, and write
updates about your work during the internship period every two weeks.
Of course, you are welcome to blog more often too! It is exciting that
you will have a voice on Planet GNOME right from the start and it is a
very important way to let the GNOME community know about the work you
are doing! This will also allow us to keep track of your progress.
Once your blog is added, please write an introductory post and start
blogging about your work on GNOME and other things that you see
relevant for Planet GNOME.

Here is what you need to do to get yourself added to Planet GNOME.
You need to have a link to your blog or to a category of posts in your
blog AND a hackergotchi ready for that. This page has all the details:

In particular, see "Do I have to only blog about GNOME things?"
section which explains that it's great to have posts about other
things that interest you aggregated on Planet GNOME, as long as they
can be of interest to other people in the community. So you should
decide whether you want to add your full blog or just a category
based on how frequently you blog and the range of topics you blog

Once you have the hackergotchi and the blog feed ready, file a bug
with them. Include your IRC nick as well. Be sure to use the right
Bugzilla product ('website') and component ('') for
your bug.

Mention that you are a GSoC student in the bug. That will get your
blog added fast even if it is completely new and will waive the
requirement of being the GNOME Foundation member. You will get a
special GSoC logo next to your posts on Planet GNOME.

Other mailing lists that might be of interest to you are the
desktop-devel-list and the gnome-love list:

You can participate in the general discussion on the
desktop-devel-list, and ask questions if you have problems with
building GNOME, or if you're not sure how to do something on
gnome-love list. You should also subscribe to the mailing
list relevant to your project.

You should join #gnome-hackers, #gnome-love, and #soc IRC channels
on GIMPNet (, as well as the channels relevant to
your project and other channels that might be of interest to you.
It's fine to just lurk on IRC. IRC is where people talk in GNOME,
and it is a great way to learn and discuss things. See this page
for more information:

If you prefer to use an address different from your gmail (or
google account) address to communicate, please tell the

All students are invited to attend GUADEC, taking place in
Gothenburg, Sweden on August 7-9 as core conference days. In
addition to attending a conference and meeting GNOME hackers
from around the world, you will have an opportunity to present
your work during interns' lightning talks and possibly spend a
few additional days working with your mentor and project team.
Please talk to your mentor about setting up a hackfest, a BoF
(Birds of a Feather discussion), or a time to co-work on your
project in the days adjacent to the core conference days. If
needed, students can receive partial financial assistance for
attending GUADEC. We will let you know when GNOME's travel
committee is ready to receive applications for financial
assistance for GUADEC travel.

If your school starts before August 21, and you have vacation
time between now and May 25, we would like to encourage you to
start on your projects early.

That's all for now. If you have any questions, feel free to send
a mail to the administrators or the mailing lists, or ask your

Small summary:
 + make sure you're in contact with your mentor(s)
 + create the wiki page for your project
 + get your blog added to Planet GNOME
 + subscribe to relevant mailing lists
 + hang out on IRC
 + introduce yourself on gnome-soc-list and on Planet GNOME
 + save the date: August 7-9 at least
 + start early if you will be busy with school towards the end

Welcome and Congratulations!

GNOME GSoC Administrators

Mail for rejected students

When: place in GSoC system form several days before results are announced to students

Placed in "Message to rejected students" on the organization page in Melange.

Dear student,

Unfortunately, your proposal has not been accepted as a Google Summer of
Code 2015 project for GNOME.

Thanks a lot for your proposal. We are very honored that you took the
time to submit a proposal to make GNOME better. 

The response to the program has been very strong this year, with more
students than we could accept successfully completing the required
contribution and establishing a relationship with a project they applied
for. We looked at the strength of the student's coding sills, history of
involvement in GNOME and free software, and relevance of the proposed
project for GNOME, when making the selection decisions.

We would love to have you as part of GNOME and help you gain more
experience with the project. There's no need to be a GSoC student to make
great contributions and learn more!

The mentor you worked with during the application process would be
happy to continue informally guiding you in your contributions to the
project. Please reach out to them with any questions you have and
continue creating patches as your time allows. Feel free to stick to the
project plan in your proposal. Be sure to join the IRC channel and the
mailing list of the project you are interested in, and talk to other
people too. Every project appreciates and respects new contributors!

Check out the GNOME Love initiative at .
Its whole purpose is to help people get on their feet in the GNOME
community. There is a mailing list, an IRC channel, a list of mentors,
and a huge list of bugs that would be good for newcomers to work on.
Feel free to find a different project or try contributing to a few.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to proceed now or
throughout the summer, please don't hesitate to contact GNOME GSoC
administrators listed on .

Again, thanks for showing an interest in working with the GNOME
community. We hope to see you around, and perhaps in a future GSoC!

Best wishes,
GNOME GSoC Administrators

Subscribe Accepted Students to gnome-soc-list

When: after results are announced to students, subscribe all students to with the following subscription message:

Welcome to Google Summer of Code with GNOME! This is the list where mails will be sent when we need to reach all students. Feel free to use this list for discussion between all mentored students, or to ask questions about GNOME, or about the community or about anything you need. To begin things, please send to this list an introduction mail so that the whole community knows about you, your project, your plans, etc.
GNOME GSoC Administrators

Let the Interns Know about Travel Sponsorship for GUADEC

When: as soon as the Travel Committee sends out a call for requests for sponsorship, forward their message with the following added text

Subject: Fwd: Travel Assistance for GUADEC 2015
To: gnome-soc-list, gnome-outreachy-interns-may-2015, gnome-op-interns-december-2014
Cc: soc-admins, soc-mentors-list, gnome-outreachy-list

Dear interns,

GUADEC, the annual European GNOME conference, will happen in Gothenburg, Sweden on August 7-9 for the core conference days, followed by 3 days of BOF (Birds of a Feather) sessions and hackfests on August 10-12 [1]. GNOME Travel Committee is accepting sponsorship applications through Monday, June 22. If you are interested in attending and need sponsorship do so, you can request sponsorship as outlined in the e-mail below. Interns usually get a portion of their expenses covered by the GNOME Foundation.

If you are not sure whether you should attend only for the core days or for BOFs [2] as well, you should talk to your mentor or other people that you have been working with. If you attend for the BOF days, it is expected that your will be actively participating in BOFs for those days and your mentor may wish to arrange one.

If you plan to attend, we encourage you to volunteer [3] to help out during the conference. Volunteering is a great way for you to meet many of the community members and get to know other interns.



----- Forwarded Message -----
To: foundation-list, guadec-list, desktop-devel-list
Subject: Travel Assistance for GUADEC 2015

Introducing the interns

Subject: Welcome interns!
To: foundation-list, desktop-devel-list, gnome-soc-list, gnome-outreachy-interns-may-2015

Hi all,

GNOME accepted 24 Google Summer of Code interns and one Outreachy intern! Additionally, one student submitted the same proposal with GNOME and with the Mono Project to work on Banshee, and was accepted by the Mono Project. All the interns made a contribution to the project they were applying to work on and connected with their mentors during the application process. We are thrilled to have these talented and dedicated contributors have a chance to spend the whole summer working on GNOME! Thanks to Google and the GNOME Foundation for making these internships possible!

Thank you to all the mentors who helped the applicants along the way and will guide the participants this summer! We are especially glad to have five mentors who have previously participated in GSoC with GNOME as students - Sebastian Dröge, Izidor Matušov, Tobias Mueller, Lasse Schuirmann, and Carlos Soriano! Everyone, please help out mentors from your project by also helping the participants when possible.

Please feel free to arrange to meet with interns from your town for beer, juice, and/or hacking! (Interns, please feel free to reply with an update if you are in a different city this summer.)

Below is the list of all the interns’, their projects and their mentors. You can learn more about the Google Summer of Code projects at The interns have already started blogging about their work on Planet GNOME and will continue throughout the summer.

Thanks to everyone and welcome to the interns!
Lasse, on behalf of GSoC and Outreachy admins


= Android/GNOME Interoperability =

Ronan Timinello (flyingrub) - "Android/Gnome synergy : Creating a real interaction between PC and Phone"
Location: Montpellier, France
Mentor: Andrea Curtoni

Ankit (ankitstarski) - "Make use of phone as a GPS device (AKA GPS sharing)"
Location: Srinagar/Jammu, India
Mentor: Zaashan Ali Khattak

= ATK =

Magdalen Berns (magpie) - "Develop The Java ATK Wrapper"
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Mentor: Federico Mena Quintero

= Banshee =

Stephan Sunderman (ssundermann) - "Improve Banshee’s Mac OSX support and revamp the UI"
Location: Berlin, Germany
Mentor: David Nielsen

(with Mono)
Andres G. Aragoneses (knocte) - "Get Banshee v3.0 final version out the door"
Location: Madrid, Spain
Mentor: David Nielsen

= Boxes =

Adrien Plazas (Kekun) - "Boxes: Hardening Sprint, GtkAssistant and MIME-types Integration"
Location: Montpellier, France
Mentor: Zeeshan Ali Khattak

= coala =

Abdeali J Kothari (AbdealiJK) - "Gedit code-analysis plugin using coala"
Location: Chennai/Bangalore, India
Mentor: Lasse Schuirmann

Udayan Tandon (udayan12167) - "GNOME GUI for coala"
Location: Delhi/Bangalore, India
Mentor: Lasse Schuirmann

= Clocks =

Saurabh Patel (saurabh_P) - "Clocks Redesign"
Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
Mentor: Lasse Schuirmann

= Documents =

Alessandro Bono (abono) - "Implementation of gnome-document collections dialog"
Location: Biella, Italy
Mentor: Debarshi Ray

= Evolution =

Oliver Luo (Oliver1992) - "Evolution configuration EExtension for Exchange ActiveSync"
Location: Beijing, China
Mentor: David Woodhouse

= F-Spot =

Valentín Barros (Sanva) - "Finishing the port of F-Spot to use GTK3"
Location: Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Mentor: Stephen Shaw

= Getting Things Gnome =

Jakub Brindza - "General re-design of Getting Things GNOME"
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Mentor: Izidor Matušov

= GStreamer =

Marcin Kolny (loganek) - "GStreamer: Refactor a gstdataprotocol library and create GStreamer's debugger"
Location: Gliwice, Poland
Mentor: Sebastian Dröge
= GTK+ =

Timm Bäder (baedert) - "Add image viewing widget to GTK+"
Location: Karlsruhe/Stuttgart, Germany
Mentor: Carlos Garnacho

Arnel A. Borja (arnel/kyoushuu) - "Help Overlay in GTK+"
Location: Taytay, Rizal, Philippines
Mentor: Matthias Clasen

= Logs =

Jonathan Kang (jkang) - "UI Improvement and New Features Implementation for Gnome-Logs"
Location: Shijiazhuang, China
Mentor: David King

Rashi Aswani (rashi) - "Automated tests for Gnome-logs"
Location: Hyderabad, India
Mentor: David King

= Nautilus =

Georges Basile Stavracas Neto (feaneron) - "Add Drive dialog for Nautilus"
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Mentor: Carlos Soriano

= Nibbles =

Iulian-Gabriel Radu (iulianradu) - "Nibbles: Modernization"
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Mentor: Michael Catanzaro

= Polari =

Bastian Ilso (bastianilso) - "Enhance the chatting experience in Polari"
Location: Aalborg, Denmark
Mentor: Florian Müllner

= Privacy =

Andrei Macavei (andreimac) - "GNOME Keysign - make it GNOME-ready"
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Mentor: Tobias Mueller

Yuuma Sato (yuuma) - "Implement GnuPG pinentry program instead of GNOME Keyring GnuPG Agent"
Mentor: Stef Walter
Location: Campinas, Brazil

George-Cristian Muraru (georgemuraru) - "Disable USB on lockscreen"
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Mentor: Tobias Mueller

= Shell =

Shivam Mishra (shivam) - "Implementation of Additional Event Sources for GNOME Shell's Time & Date drop-down"
Location: Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh), India
Mentor: Florian Müllner

= Usability Testing =

Gina Dobrescu (ginux) - "Usability Testing"
Location: Grenoble, France
Mentor: Jim Hall

E-mails from Last Year

These emails need to be updated before being sent! Don't use them without reading them first!

Midterm evaluations are due

Subject: Midterm evaluations are due!
To: soc-mentors-list
CC: soc-admins

Dear mentors,

GSoC midterm evaluations are due soon. Please fill them out by end-of-day on June 30, so that we don't need to be tracking down you and/or your student.

Please let us know if you have any concerns about your student.


Organizing interns' lightning talks at GUADEC - e-mail 1

When: as soon as the interns received sponsorship decisions from the travel committee; can get a preliminary list of attending interns from the travel committee; content in e-mail 1 and 2 can be mixed and matched or combined into one e-mail

Subject: interns' lightning talks at GUADEC
To: gnome-soc-list, gnome-opw-interns-december-2013, gnome-opw-interns-may-2015
CC: soc-admins, soc-mentors-list, women-outreach

Dear interns,

Every year, we have an interns' lightning talks session at GUADEC, which is a very popular event. You will likely have 3 minutes allocated during which you will be able to present your work using no more than 5 slides.

Sometimes interns hesitate about doing the talk because they've never done one before or English is their second language. I'd like to assure you it will be the friendliest and most supportive environment to make your speaking debut and English is a second language for the majority of GUADEC attendees. GSoC admins, your mentors, or other interns will usually be happy to help you rehearse your talk at some earlier point during GUADEC. Interns also typically enjoy having an opportunity to speak about their project after going to many talks by other people. You can watch the video of the interns' lightning talks session from last year to see what it was like:

To finalize how much time we need for the session and how much time we can allocate per talk, we need to know who among you is planning to attend GUADEC. I'm aware of the following interns planning to attend. Please let me know in the next few days if your plans change or if you are attending, but I'm missing you on the list.

1) Intern Name
2) ...

I'll provide more information about preparing for your talks once I know how many of you will be at GUADEC.


Organizing interns' lightning talks at GUADEC - e-mail 2

When: when the number of interns attending GUADEC is updated based on replies and the session time and length are finalized

Subject: Re: interns' lightning talks at GUADEC
To: gnome-soc-list, gnome-opw-interns-december-2013, gnome-opw-interns-may-2015
CC: christophe, soc-admins, soc-mentors-list, women-outreach

Dear interns,

We have an interns' lightning talks session scheduled at GUADEC for 4:45pm - 6:30pm on Sunday, July 27. It's organized by me and Christophe Fergeau (christophe e-mail). Please send your attendance updates, questions, and slides to us off list. If you think others might have the same question as you, please feel free to reply-all.

You will have 3 minutes for your presentation, and all the slides will be compiled in one presentation file ahead of time. Please send your slides to us in the .pdf format by Wednesday, July 23. (If you are using LibreOffice, you can use File -> Export as PDF... to convert slides to .pdf format.) You can have up to 3 slides with text/screenshots, and optionally up to 2 more slides with screenshots and only a short caption. Please include your name, your mentor's name, project, and program on the first slide. Please practice to be sure you can complete your presentation in under 3 minutes.

We will compile all your slides in one big pdf, so there will be no time lost on switching between files or computers.

We are now aware of the interns on the list below planning to attend GUADEC. Please let us know if your plans changed or if you are attending, but we are missing you on the list.

The core days schedule is at and the hackfest and BoF days schedule is being planned out on . BoF stands for "Birds of a Feather", as in a saying "birds of a feather flock together", which means a working discussion about a specific topic of interest in a group of people who share that interest. If you don't have specific plans for BoF days, but are planning to be at the conference, please see if there is any BoF you would like to attend or talk to your mentor about adding a BoF relevant to the project you are working on to the list. At the very least, please plan to have some time for a hacking session with your mentor.

We'll also plan on grabbing tables together for lunch on Saturday, July 26, the first day of GUADEC.


Updated list of interns attending GUADEC:

1) Intern Name
2) ...

Final evaluations are due

Subject: Final evaluations are due!
To: soc-mentors-list
CC: soc-admins

Dear mentors,

GSoC final evaluations are due on Friday at 7pm UTC. However, to keep your friendly GSoC admins unoccupied, please fill them out by end-of-day on Wednesday, so that we don't need to be tracking you down on Thursday.

Please let us know if you have any concerns about your student.

Thank you for being a mentor this summer! Please be sure to encourage your student to stay involved with specific recommendations for what they can work on and continue mentoring them in their involvement in GNOME! 


Wrap-up e-mail for interns

Note: This e-mail was not sent in 2015. Check with the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee before providing information to the interns about when they can apply for membership.

Subject: GNOME internships wrap-up
To: gnome-soc-list, gnome-opw-interns-may-2015
CC: soc-mentors-list, women-outreach, soc-admins

Dear GNOME GSoC and OPW 2015 interns,

Thank you for all your contributions to GNOME this summer!

If you have not done so already, please be sure to do the following this week:
1) Update your page at or , including links to your merged or work-in-progress contributions
2) Write a wrap-up blog post
3) (GSoC only) Fill out the final evaluation from Google

If your code or other contributions have not been merged yet, please do your best to follow through the review process to merge what you worked on this summer as soon as possible.

We would love to see you continue contributing to GNOME. Please feel free to continue asking your mentor and other members of the GNOME community for guidance and advice in your participation in GNOME.

Your blogs will continue being aggregated on Planet GNOME for another half a year. After that, you would need to be the GNOME Foundation member to keep your blog on Planet GNOME. If you contributed to GNOME before the GSoC application process and are not yet a member, you should consider applying for the membership soon. If you only started contributing to GNOME after February 2015, we ask that you continue contributing for another half a year before applying.



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