Evolution: Complete instrospection support for EDS


This project has been changed a little to focus on the libical part. In this project, I will add code into the libical project and create the API "wrappers" to make the original APIs in libical introspectable. My work will be supervised by Milan Crha and Fabiano FidĂȘncio. They are both great guys and help me a lot along the way.

UPDATE: The final objective after several changes is to introspect the whole libical. There are mainly two reasons for the decision:

1. If we target the libical APIs only in the EDS, we can only manipulate the libical objects with EDS APIs. It will put many restrictions on the application.

2. It is very hard to take the control of the memory management of libical objects if we only restrict our view onto the EDS because not all libical objects are used in EDS. Instead, by introspecting all the libical, we can take the control of how the memory is managed.

A little about myself:

I am a graduate student studying in Michigan State University right now. I got my Bachelor degree and Master degree in CHINA with focus on Mechanical Engineering. I fell in love with CS here and started contribution to GNOME about one year ago. I love this community and the community has helped me a lot, especially my former mentor Philip. I will try my best to finish my project in a responsible manner and high standard.

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