TV Shows support in Videos and MusicBrainz in Music with Grilo

By Victor Toso
Mentor: Bastien Nocera


The ideia is using the amazing Grilo to improve the user experience in GNOME Music and GNOME Videos which are the key applications to reproduce multimedia content in GNOME Desktop. For instance, with the thetvdb plugin the users will automatically gather information about the tv shows while browsing in Videos;

The goal of the project is having GNOME Videos with TV Series support and GNOME Music with Music Brainz and music support.

What components/modules will this project modify or create?

- 01 plugin for Videos: the thetvdb ( #672933 )
- 02 plugins for Music: the Music Brainz and ( #725323 )

- Integration with thetvdb plugin;
- Implementation of details page;

- Integration with both Music Brainz and plugins;
- Implementation of artist fan art display;

Stretch goals:
- Implementation of plugin to correct an artist name and track title;
- Implementation of rating tags ( #699860 )
- Integration of those plugins with Music and Videos

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