Add snapshotting and cloning of virtual machines to Gnome Boxes

Although a nifty application, Gnome Boxes currently lacks some 'advanced' features like creating snapshots of VMs and cloning VMs. This is a proposal to add both of these features to Gnome Boxes, possibly extending libvirt-glib along the way.



May 19th - June 2nd

Get comfortable with libvirt(-glib) to the point where cloning can be implemented in code(without any UI additions)

June 2nd - June 16th

Mostly UI work regarding cloning of VMs

June 16th - June 30th

Make UI and logic work together

June 30th - July 14th

Start working on the snapshot creation

July 14th - July 28th

Prepare and submit midterm evaluations. Also preparations for the GUADEC talk

July 28th - August 11th

Further work on snapshots, including UI changes

August 11th - August 18th

Finish the work on snapshots.

Progress Update Blog Posts

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