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Short Description

The goal of this project is to write a miner for PicasaWeb and add it to GNOME Online Miners. GNOME Online Miners consists of crawlers to go through the user’s online content and index them locally. At present GNOME Online Miners has support for Facebook, Flickr, Google Documents, ownCloud and SkyDrive. Adding PicasaWeb support to GNOME Online Miners would help add a very popular service to GNOME Photos which is critical in reducing the user’s dependency on other apps/services for their PicasaWeb photos and would also help GNOME Photos evolve into a complete solution for the user’s photo organising needs. I will use the Picasa support in libgdata, a library to access online web services using Google's GData protocol, to write the miner.

About Me

I am an undergraduate student at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (BITS Pilani) - Hyderabad Campus studying B.E. (Hons) Computer Science with M.Sc. (Hons) Physics in a 5­ year undergraduate program. I can be reached at,


A tentative schedule as per my proposal is given below

19th May to 1st June

Plan my code design, discuss the implementation details with the mentor and start coding.

2nd June to 15th June

Main development phase before midterm - Most of the time in this phase will be spent in writing the code for the Miner.

16th June to 23rd June

This phase is for getting my code ready for the midterm submission. The code will be thoroughly tested submitted to the mentor for his feedback. At the end of this phase the Miner should be ready for integration into the master branch.


This marks the completion of the first half of my project and I should have a working PicasaWeb Miner to show my progress.

24th June to 6th July

This period will involve the task of using the Miner in GNOME Photos to access and organise the user’s PicasaWeb collection.

7th July to 20th July

Main development phase after midterm - This will be the main coding period for the second phase as it will include writing and completing the GNOME Photos code to access the PicasaWeb Miner. Towards the end of this period, I plan to integrate the Miner with GNOME Photos completely to check the working of the system as a whole.

21st July to 3rd August

This period will mainly involve thorough testing of the project as a whole. I plan to have fully working code at the end of this phase which should be ready for integration into the master branch.

4th August to 17th August

This phase will involve fixing minor bugs and tweaks to the code, if any, realised at the end of the last phase. The code should be ready at the end of this phase for final submission.

Final code submission

Submit the final project to Google.

  • (./) #731269 Wrong scope information in authorization domain (libgdata)

  • (./) #732890 Refresh authoriser on receiving SOUP_STATUS_NOT_FOUND (libgdata)

  • (./) #728877 Photo support for PicasaWeb (gnome-online-accounts)

  • (./) #728878 PicasaWeb miner (gnome-online-miners)

  • (./) #711563 Support PicasaWeb (gnome-photos)

Blog posts

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