Weather integration with geocode-glib and geoclue


  • Increasing the range of cities available in gnome-weather.
  • Adding support of detached location to location-entry in libgweather.
  • Adding support of geocode-forwarding to libgweather to get the cities which are not listed in the static database of locations.
  • Finding the nearest city using coordinates of geocode place, fetched from geocode forwarding and using METAR code of that nearest place, show the weather information.
  • Make sure everything works fine after this and nothing crashes.
  • Working on few more bugs and new features after the above ones are accomplished.

Benefits to GNOME community

  • The above changes will help to reduce dependency on static database of locations for gweather location entry. GNOME applications using libgweather such as gnome-clocks, Weather and gnome-initial-setup will be benifited as the range of available cities will increase.
  • Most of the bugs in libgweather are related to missing cities in database so they won't be bugs anymore after the proposed work will be accomplished.
  • There are new designs ongoing in github so I'll work on that and more bugs and new feature as soon as the above proposed work will be accomplished.

About me

I'm Saurabh Patel. I recently completed my second year as an ICT(Information and Communication Technology) undergraduate at DA-IICT, India.

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