Points of Interest and User Check Ins on Foursquare & Facebook in GNOME Maps

Short Description

My proposed project is to implement Point of Interest (POI) (similar to http://unterkunftskarte.de/ ) functionality with Foursquare and Facebook integration for showing friends and User Checkins (if time permits) for GNOME Maps according to these mockups. The two things Points of Interest and Checkins are closely related. Having them would be a good addition to GNOME Maps.

My focus will be to fetch data (POIs) from following services and display them as an overlay in GNOME Maps with caching the POI search result for a period of time.


I will be mentored by MattiasBengtsson.

About Me

I am Rishi Raj Singh Jhelumi, 21 years old 3rd year Computer Science and Engineering student at IIIT Hyderabad.

My Contact Details


May 19 - May 31 (GSoC Begins) :

Generate a Structure to be used while creating the modules.
Implement the UI designs for the POIs functionality according to the mockups.

June 2 - June 21 :

Implement service calls for fetching the relevant POIs from OpenStreetMap and openpois.
Hook the service calls with UI Controls.
Present them on the Map (Show POIs on a separate Layer).
Implement relevant Marker Icon Fetching for specific type/category POIs.

June 23 - June 27 (Mid Term Evaluation Period) :

Optimize or change Code wherever possible or necessary and as suggested by the mentors. Code Cleanup.
Mid Term Evaluation By the Mentor.

June 30 - July 12 :

Implement Caching of the POIs for a certain duration.
Implement the UI designs for Showing Check Ins (By user or friends).

July 14 - July 24 :

Implement service calls for viewing the friends last Check In locations.
Hook the service calls with the UI.

July 26 - August 2 (GUADEC):

Present a demo on the current state of Maps integrated with the POIs and Check In functionalities.

August 3 - August 11 :

Implement service calls to FourSquare and Facebook for Checking In the User.
Hook service calls with the UI.

August 12 - August 18 (Final Evaluation Period) :

Code Cleanup.
Make any changes suggested by the mentor.
Review whole code for any possible changes and finish any remaining issues with code.
If time permits : add service calls to get additional POIs from other POI providers that supply POIs specific to a country such as http://poi.gps-data-team.com/, http://poi-osm.tucristal.es/ (This might have better relevant POIs).

August 19 - August 21 :

Both soft and hard pencils down dates during this period.
Write documentation for the created modules and functionalities.
Submit the code and Evaluations to Google Melange.

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