Getting Things GNOME!: Revamp the backends' experience

By Parth Panchal

Mentor: Nimit Shah


  • The status quo of Getting Things Gnome (GTG) heavily depends on generic backend & local xml database for different third party services. The class generic backend is inherited by backends for different services. This makes it quite difficult to add new services independent of generic backend, and maintain the core modules, including generic backend, independent of backend service sub classes.

    My project aims to introduce several features that make GTG not only developer friendly but also user friendly. These include detaching backend services from the generic backend such that new & customized services can be added easily, and also improvements in synchronization that will provide flexibility to users.

Getting Things Done

  • gtd.jpg

For beta testers

  • Follow the following steps to setup a debug environment.
       1 mkdir gtg-services
       2 cd gtg-services
       3 git clone
       4 git clone
       5 cd gtg
       6 ./scripts/
  • Test test test & please do contact me if you encounter any bug.

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