Implement Bluetooth Synchronisation and Revamp MTP Support


I'm a final year Computing Science BSc. student. My primary languages are all C-family, but I'm well versed in VDM and planning to expand my horizons to F#. Haskell is still uncharted territory.

I'm a Gentoo user, past the ricer phase, and a long time GNU/Linux user. There's nothing in the world anyone could give me to persuade me away from Free Software.

On IRC you can usually find me with the handle arfbtwn, otherwise feel free to leave a post on the Blog.


The first goal of this project is to provide GNOME users with the ability to synchronise their media players over Bluetooth, the second is to improve Banshee's MTP support to provide the best possible experience for ubiquitous Android devices. The major components for Bluetooth support will be prototyped in Banshee Community Extensions while MTP improvements will go straight into Banshee's master branch.


Follows, a rough schedule defined during the project proposal period:

19/05 - 30/05

Prototype major bluetooth component

02/06 - 13/06

Prototype architecture changes for bluetooth

16/06 - 11/07

Integrate component and architecture changes - Deliverable Milestone

14/07 - 18/07

Evaluate required MTP improvements

21/07 - 01/08

MTP development cycle

02/08 - End

Integration and testing cycle

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