Automated tests for applications in GnomeContinuous

GNOME project for Google Summer of Code 2014

About project

The greatest benefit of this project is to have GNOME tested automatically, execute this tests after every build, detect new bugs and regressions in early devel phases and show easy and elegant way how to create such automated tests. All the tests are supposed to run under GnomeContinuous environment, be based on Dogtail tool and in Behave style.

Expected results

I will be nice to have all GNOME applications 100% covered by automated tests in GnomeContinuous. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our plan is to create automated tests for as many applications as possible. We created priority list of GNOME applications and we are going to follow it. Our estimate is to cover every double-week one or two GNOME applications - it means to cover about 9 applications.

Project plan



May 19 - Jun 1

Environment preparation, learning Behave&Dogtail, setting applications priority list

Jun 2 - Jun 15

Automating tests for first application (gnome-software), preparing second

Jun 16 - Jun 29

Automating tests for second and third application, fixing bugs in all of them

Jun 30 - Jul 13

Writing automated tests for another two applications, fixing bugs

Jul 14 - Jul 27

Two more applications automated

Jul 28 - Aug 10

Attending GUADEC and two more applications covered

Aug 11 - Aug 18

Fix bugs, stabilize code and write some nice-looking report of the whole project

About author

My name is Martin Simon and I'm master degree student at Brno University of Technologies, Czech Republic. My field of studies is Computer Graphics and Multimedia and I'm really interested in computer vision. However, this project is not aimed to computer vision nor multimedia. But it's somehow connected with computer graphics and automation, and getting things automated is my pleasure.

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