Short description

I'm going to integrate Banshee application with AcoustID. That means, I will write an module, which allows to user automatic fix metadata of his multimedia collection.

About me

My name is Marcin, I'm student at Silesian University of Technology, Poland. I'm interested in software development, especially C++/C# language, but during GSoC, I'd like to add new language to my skills collection: F#. You can find me on IRC (my nickname is loganek), you can also mail me: marcin.kolny {the first symbol} gmail {the second symbol} com


May 19th - Jun 7th

Improved GstreamerSharp library – added AcoustID support.

Jun 8th - Jun 15th

Designed changes in GUI – invent, how to add an access to my functionality, implemented it.

Jun 16th - Jul 18th

Implementing core of a problem – using AcoustID (through GstreamerSharp).

Jul 19th - Jul 22th

Writing document about my working already done (for midterm evaluation).

Jul 23th - Jul 27th

Midterm evaluation.

Jul 28th - Aug 10th

Write missing code in core's module, integration with GUI.

Aug 11th - Aug 22th

Tests and fixes.

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