Add support to via points in Gnome Maps

Short description

Gnome Maps is an on going development maps application for the Gnome Desktop Environment. In the latest release has been added the routing feature but a must have feature is missing: people can’t add intermediate points. The main goal of my proposal is to add support to via points in Gnome Maps.

Mattias Bengtsson (Gnome Maps) and Peter Karich (GraphHopper) are the mentors for this project.

About me

I’m 25 years old student at the University of Salerno (Italy), attending a master of science in computer science. In 2011 I received a bachelor degree (cum laude) in computer science at the University of Molise.

I'm a open-source enthusiast and I’ve been using Linux since 2005 (actually mainly Debian and Fedora). My favourite desktop environments are Gnome and Mate (on old hardware).

If you are interested in my project have a look to my blog here.

Code repositories:

Bugzilla issue:

  • #731068 Add support for via points

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