Replace calculation back-end of Calculator with the GMP library

Short description

The calculation back-end of GNOME Calculator has many limitations and is very old and buggy. In this GSoC I want to replace it completely with the GMP library, which has many benefits: A lot of calculation bugs get fixed, it allows arbitrary precision arithmetic (no 9 digit limit anymore!), and the calculations are faster. This also makes maintaining and contributing to GNOME Calculator easier.

About me

I am Daniel, a student of Computer Science at the University of Bonn, Germany. If you want to contact me feel free to send an email to daniel _ danielrenninghoff _ com. My IRC nick is dnlrn. I've been using GNOME for many years and think it's great that I now have to opportunity to contribute back to GNOME. You can find my blog here.


19. May - 1. June

Create Vala bindings for the GMP library (create a VAPI file)

2. June - 15. June

Integrating GMP with Gnome Calculator. Replace parts of the Number class to use GMP. Hopefully to have basic calculations or more working to midtime evaluation.

16. June - 29. June

Rewrite the rest of the numbers class to use GMP. In the process break compability with current code in other parts of GNOME Calculator, for example the Serializer.

30. June - 13. July

Fix corner cases in other parts of GNOME calculator, for which the new Number class breaks.

14. July - 27. July

Improve error reporting, by saving the start and end token in the Number class

28. July - 10. August

Test the code, fix bugs and improve the documentation of the new Number class

11. August - 18. August

Last minute bugfixes, evaluation ...

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