[Notes] Port Notes to WebKit2 and Implement mail as storage

I will port Notes to webkit2 API, it is necessary since webkit1 API will be dropped from webkitgtk+ soon. There are also some other modules using webkit1 API, I think I can help after porting Notes is complete. Beside, I will add mail service support for Notes, with this feature, users can use their mail as a cloud storage.


Before GSOC

Read Gtk+ webkit2 API document and make some demos. And read posts and bugzilla related to "porting epiphany to webkit2" to figure out what needed to be done

Weeks 1

Focus on Notes' src and evolution's webkit-composer branch to find out functions related to webkit1 and look for webkit2 alternatives

Weeks 2-5

Port Notes to webkit2 API mainly on webkitwebview class

Weeks 6-7

Fix bugs in yelp (probably and Igalia parts) on porting to webkit2 API accouding to my previous porting experience

Weeks 8-10

Implement e-mail service (e.g gmail and windows live) as storage for notes using libcamel. The main task is to write another bijiprovider children class to fetch/write metas using libcamel and tracker

Contact Me

  • Email: xuchunyang56 (at) gmail.com
  • IRC nick: chunyang

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