Gnome Shell: Improve animations and general bug fixing

By Carlos Soriano, advisored by Florian Müllner

Short Description

Generally animations help the user to understand about the creations of objects in the UI giving feedback and also provide a better visual experience. For that purpose the designer Jakub Steiner created a design for the improvement of the app picker of gnome shell. Mockup

We hope to end this project before the end of gsoc, and I will have time to do bug fixing and general improvement to gnome-shell for 3.14; or for 3.16 for UI changes that doesn't achieve to be in master before UI freeze.

I will be mentored by Florian Müllner for this project.

About Me

I am working on a graphics research group at Universitat de Girona and also studying my degree in computer science.

You can reach me at:

The code is here:

Tentative Schedule

Project in master before Guadec.

General bug fixing until end of gsoc.

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