Seamless Folder Encryption

Sam Bull



I will not be integrating anything with gvfs for this project. We found a better alternative to auto-mount, but it will require more work after GSoC.

For this project we have instead decided to focus on Nautilus integration, using a manual mount button that will display when the user navigates to an encrypted folder.

Creating a new encrypted folder is functioning with keyring integration, but needs some UI work.

An encrypted folder is detected by Nautilus and an "Unlock" button appears when navigating to that folder.

Clicking the unlock button will mount the encrypted directory (using the keyring) and refresh the view to display the contents of the folder.

Before I can begin a merge request, I still need to complete the UI work for creating a new encrypted folder, which is now half complete, and will require a little more work after GSoC to finish. Other small usability improvements will also be added before the first implementation is released.


Nautilus changes:

Nautilus plugin (the old working prototype):

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