Adding Google Tasks support to libgdata and Evolution

Proposal of Summer of Code project is here:

You can follow my current project and other open source efforts here:

Work of progress can be seen at my GitHub account here:

For evolution-data-server code can be seen here:

Progress of project


I have finished my final part for libgdata, and already attached one of several patches to GNOME Bugzilla #657539. I didn't complete my work on evolution-data-server though, but I plan to finish it in next two weeks after GSoC, as I was quite close to the goal. Therefore not screenshots yet here, but follow my blog to get exclusive first look.

So in my project I did:

  • Add JSON general support to libgdata;
  • Add Google Tasks support to libgdata;
  • Added tasklist support to Evolution Data Server's EGoogleBackend collection;
  • Added new backend 'gtasks' of ECalBackend type to EDS;

What's left to do after GSoC project:

  • To complete 'gtasks' backend;
  • Add tasklist id functionality writing new extension to ESource;
  • Bind everything together in Evolution;

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