A Web Application for Getting Things Gnome!

The application is currently deployed here.

Or, you can view these screenshots showcasing the different features of GTGOnline!

Creating new tasks is made to work like workflowy. You can create full task trees in GTGOnline!. Two keywords - 'start:' and 'due:' are used to specify the start and due dates. The rest controls are intuitive and displayed above the Task Creator. GTGOnline! also supports Task Sharing. You can create groups ( On registering, 3 groups are created by default - 'Home', 'Friends', and 'Work' ), and add users to them. Then you can share your task/s with them.

Choosing users to share task with is very flexible. You can either share it with a group, and some users from other groups as well.

When a task is shared, a log of all the changes made will be created. You can view all the modifications made to that task till date (eg:- status change, edit etc.)

Here's the link to the Launchpad branch containing the code for the backend which synchronizes tasks between GTG and GTGOnline! (screenshot) The work is being reviewed by GTG developers

Link to github repo of the project - https://github.com/parinporecha/GTGOnline

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