GNOME Sound Recorder

Meg Ford


This summer I intend to write a new sound recorder application for the desktop. The app will be Gstreamer based, and will be written in GJS. I intend to make use of some of the new widgets in Libgd as well as some of the new GNOME 3 style Gtk+ widgets such as EggListBox. I am going to be using Giovanni Campagna's new Gtk JS app base as the basis of my application. As I work on the project I also intend to file bugs and give feedback about the GNOME/GJS developer experience.[1]


Active Branch

Github branch:


Design Whiteboard

Screencast & Screenshots

YouTube Video

To Build

Clone the git in your jhbuild checkout:

Run $ ./, $ make and $ make install. The app is run with $ jhbuild shell run gnome-sound-recorder.

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