Gtranslator port to Vala


The idea of this project is redesign the whole GTranslator application and implement the resulting design in Vala. With this redesign we will fix the major bugs of the current version and the new program language will probably attract new developers to the project.

About me

I'm a fourth year student of Computer Science at Facultad de Informatica de A Coruña (Galicia, Spain). You can contact me using my email or sending me a message in IRC (chavaone).

Ask for Ideas

I have send some emails to popular l10n mailing list and I'm waiting for translators feedback about how they think the new application should be and I've receive a huge list of ideas:

  • Open/Save different formats (translate-toolkit) files.
  • Header management.
  • User Profiles.
  • Project overview.
  • Search/Search and Replace feature.
    • Regex
    • Search in several files/ in the whole document
    • Update translation files with new ones.
  • Split/Merge files feature.
  • Translation propagation through the document/project.
  • Economic measures. (number of translated words, price per word, etc.)
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Communication with web server (i.e. Transifex or Dammed Lies).
  • Customizable UI. Simple/Complex view.
    • Files and projects tab view.
  • Navigation through the document.
    • Translated
    • Untranslated.
    • Fuzzy.
  • Translation Memory.
    • Import/Export different formats (.po, .tmx, ...)
    • Several TM. Priority.
    • Update a TM.
    • TMX Server (Trobador, amaGama, Open-tran and Transvision)

  • Glossary.
    • Terminological units’ glossary.
    • TBX Server (Terminator).
    • Term search. Local (GoldenDict) and internet (Wikipedia, bUSCatermos)

  • Previewing function. (similar to Deckard).

  • Keyboard full control.
    • Other programs shortcuts (lokalize, original gtranslator,…)
    • Customizable shortcuts.
  • Other language translation.
  • Checkers:
    • Spell.
    • Orational and style correction.
    • Quality controls (language tools)
    • Coherence (terminological).
    • Tags.
    • Pology.
  • Multiplatform.
  • Auto-translation (Google Translator, Bing Translator, Opentrad, Apertium)

  • Statistics. Project and File.
    • Number of translated words.
    • Number of transtlated strings.

This is a ideas list. I have no time to implement all this in just a summer but is important to know what is out there so I can make an extensible design. If someone thinks that I've miss something you can just edit this wiki.

How to test, review, critize, etc.

I'm uploading the code to a GitHub repository so you can see whats going on with the project. If you want to test the program you have to install and configure jhbuild because it uses some Vala and Gtk features that has not been released yet. My jhbuildrc file can be found here. If you want to make some comment about the code or the program or you want to give me some tip (it will be really appreciated) you can contact me through my blog, email or IRC (chavaone).

How to follow the project

I'm going to try to maintain this page updated but you also can follow the evolution of this project through my blog. During this summer I have wrote the following reports:


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