Smarter Searching in GNOME Shell

Tanner Doshier (doshitan)

The goal of the project is to implement more intelligent searching from the overview. This will be achieved through ordering search results based on their source, importance, and frequency of use. Default and favorited applications should climb to the top of the search results. External applications should also be able to add some of their relevant content to the search results so that a user can get to their work simply by searching for it. If they are unable to do so (they don't have a search provider), then search the existing GTK recent list for any content that belongs to them (this part didn't work out in the end).

Design Page

Development Log (only and all GSoC reports)

Relevant Bugs (with code attached)


What search looks like after this work (not including app sorting):

Screenshot from 2012-08-19 19_18_55.png

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