Week 4 Report

For week four I had gotten some of the subtask code written so we now have subtasks working as they should be when a user inputs a subtask via the '-' shortcut. For some reason I cannot get the TaskView to apply the link tag to a subtask title when I click the Insert Subtask button, but I'm working on that. I also still have yet to quite figure out why the Dates class seems to SegFault the program, but it's complaining about importing _gtk, and I've been doing research to see if there is a bug with GTK3 bindings or what, but have come up with nothing. It's a very odd problem considering Dates never imports Gtk stuff into it. I also tried to get the tag for tags working but the tag detection from the original editor can be a little tricky to follow logic wise so I'm working on a different way to get it working.

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