The goal of this project is to build a companion application of Gnucash for the Android platform. Android is one of the fastest growing mobile platforms today. Therefore it is imperative for software like Gnucash to have a presence on this platform.

The companion application will be an expense tracker application which enables users to record transactions on-the-go. The application will support exporting this data in the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) format which can then be imported in the desktop Gnucash program.

Main Features

  • Creating of accounts and recording transactions within the account
  • Exporting account information to OFX format and sharing
    • via Email
    • Google Drive or other apps which support file uploads
    • saving to SD card
  • Support for third-party transaction creation in Gnucash through Intents
  • Uses modern Android design guidelines and supports API level 8+
  • Easy to use and Just Works ®


Here are some screenshots of Gnucash running on Android 4.1 JellyBean.

The application also provides homescreen widgets for Android. The widgets provide a quick account summmary and a shortcut for quickly creating new transactions. The widgets look like this:

The design considerations for the Gnucash Mobile application are summarized in this document

Development is being done in the open and the code is hosted on GitHub. The application targets Android API level 15, but should support all devices from API level 8 (Android 2.2 Froyo) and above.

I will also be posting about the development process to my blog at


Gnucash for Android will eventually be available for download from Google Play. Until then, you can grab a test version by visiting the downloads page on GitHub


You can also build GnucashMobile yourself by cloning the source code from GitHub. The GitHub source folder contains the Gnucash project, a test project and the ActionBarSherlock library. You must at least import the Gnucash project and the ActionBarSherlock library into eclipse in order to be able to compile.

ActionBarSherlock is an Android library project which enables use of the Android ActionBar UX paradigm on devices before version 3.0


You can help the project by testing out the pre-release versions and filing bugs on GitHub issues Please check that the issue you are reporting has not already been reported. Also include as much detail as is necessary to reproduce the bug; this includes details on Android version, device and locale, screenshots and crash logs from LogCat (if possible)

When the GSoC2012 program is over, you could also contribute by submitting pull requests, reviewing patches and adding test cases, translation and documentation. All patches should include test case for the issue which fails without the patch and passes with it. This project uses Robotium for UX testing

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