GNOME Documents UIs for Viewing and Editing of File Metadata


This project consists of designing and coding two new GUIs for viewing and editing document metadata. I am choosing suitable metadata from Tracker's store and writing an interface similar to the properties menu in Nautilus to show such information to the user. I will add the ability to edit such metadata. The second GUI will allow the user to view sharing information and open services to share documents via email and google docs.


My Github account is Here and contains code and mockups in progress.

My blog is HERE

You can test the code by building Documents with jhbuild. You can then rebase my github branch [1]with the jhbuild branch and type "jhbuild make" within the checkout/gnome/gnome-documents directory. "jhbuild run gnome-documents" will allow you to test the code.

[1] Active branch on Github For Properties Dialog see properties branch, for sharing branch for Sharing Dialog see sharing branch.

[2] Youtube video of first version of Properties dialog (now in gnome-documents master)

[3] Commit of Properties Dialog to Master Branch of Documents

[4] Commit of Properties Dialog to Master branch of Documents

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