GNOME-BOXES: Ability to save and load virtual machine boxes

My task is to implement save and load of Virtual Machines and enabling downloadable ready-made VM offering the users remote repository where they could download and use the VM easily.

The proposal can be found here:

1.Libvirt-glib package:
- Hacking libvirt-gobject library and bind functions needed to allow implementation of the proposal

- virDomainSave and async version
- virDomainRestore and async version
- virDomanSnapshotCreateXml
- virDomainSnapshotCreateFlags
- virStorageVolDownload
- virStorageVolUpload
- bind read_fn to allow reading the stream

2, Boxes:
- implement menu in Boxes to allow export of virtual machines
- implement importing a box using the disk image and domain config saved with exporting the virtual machine

Email: jovanka.gulicoska AT
Twitter: Gulic_
IRC: gulic

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