Collaborative Getting Things GNOME!

GTG provides great user experience for individuals. I would like to implement sharing tasks between users. GNOME will become the first desktop with built-in task sharing. This would made it the desktop of choice for small to medium businesses.

Project page | Full text of the proposal | Code repository | How to setup server

Contact information

IRC: Izidor in gimpnet (#gtg)
Launchpad account: izidor


How does it look like?

Configuration of a PubSub service:

Sharing is configured per tag in the tag editor:

Assigning tasks to teammates:

Mockup for solving merge conflicts (not implemented yet):


How to install it

  1. Setup XMPP server on your computer

  2. Get needed code

    bzr branch lp:~izidor/gtg/collaborative-gtg
    git clone
    sudo pip install sleekxmpp 
  3. Run it

    cd collaborative-gtg

You can read detailed tutorial in the final report.

Known Issues

I would like to fix following issues in the following weeks:

  • a GTG plugin for telepathy-gabble for PubSub

  • test Collaborative GTG on various servers
  • handle adding/removing people in the contact list, adding to/removing from project without restarting GTG
  • figure out, why SleekXMPP takes so much time to shut down
  • clean the code

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