GNOME Calculator

By Gopal Krishnan

Work with the GNOME Design Team and Robert Ancell on GCalctool, in order to improve the user experience of the default calculator provided in the GNOME desktop environment. The new rejuvenated calculator will feature a history panel to show the previous 5 calculations performed by a user in addition to a spinner when large calculations are performed so as to not inform the user to wait for an output. In addition the colour scheme will be changed to closely match GNOME's theme. Finally, a large number of bugs present currently will also be fixed permanently by me.

Google Summer of Code Proposal

Github Repository

Additional Pictures of the future theme of the Calculator

Current Status

I have uploaded the history view for gcalctool as a patch at bugzilla: Currently it is being reviewed as certain whitespace related changes were left to be made which I have finished now and it will be accepted soon. In addition, the documentation related to the patch has also been upload by me to bugzilla as a patch and it is located here: . The changes are available in my repository via:

Finally I have posted regular updates to my blog week by week as a summary of what happened that week. Please do check that out as it is quite detailed and reflects everything I have done. Overall, this was a fun experience for me and additionally something from which I learned not only a new language but how the open source community functions as a whole.




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