GNOME Shell Lock Screen

By Giovanni Campagna

This project is about reimplementing screensaver and screen locking functionality in the shell, with the following benefits:

  • Shell-style look and feel
  • multi-stack authentication via gdm
  • access to ongoing activity and notifications
  • works from the activity overview without hacks
  • looks similar to the login screen

Design pages

Current status

Basic functionality is merged, minor issues have been discussed at the BOF during GUADEC 2012. Of the issues listed at ScreenLock/BOF, most of priority 0 and priority 1 is solved.

Further details in the feature page: ThreePointFive/Features/ScreenLock

How to test

New functionality is in 3.5.5, but using 3.5.90 of gdm is gnome-shell is strongly advised. Testing is possible using an unstable distribution such as Fedora 18.

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