Profiling tool for Nemiver

This project aims to add a new perspective to the GNOME Debugging Software called Nemiver to add the ability to profile applications. This project is in fact about the creation of an GNOME UI to perf.

Repository (this branch is a personal branch is thus has the history rewritten quite often)

Status Reports


  • Multiple perspectives support in Nemiver (

  • New Plugin for profiling
  • Ability to profile and view report using perf as profiler
  • Ability to profile either a running process, the whole system, or a process started by the profiler
  • Fine-grained policy checking using policykit (useful for running process profiling or system wide profiling)
  • Ability to save reports on the filesystem
  • Ability to display the code source or assembly of a function with its annotations


report.png annotation.png

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