GNOME Calculator

By Arth Patel

Work with Robert Ancell on gcalctool, in order to code a hand-written parser. The new parser will remove older dependency of flex and bison tools. The code will use GLib for unichar string manipulation.

Google Summer of Code Proposal

Current status

Patch has been accepted on gnome bugzilla ( Working copy is on gcalctool repository (master branch).

gcalctool Repository (original gcalctool code on gnome repository)

math-parser Repository (my GSoC work)

gcalctool-new-parser Repository (merged gcalctool and math-parser repository)


All reports (including final report) are on my blog, .


Email: arth DOT svnit AT gmail DOT com

IRC: PioneerAxon (gimpnet - #gnome-games, #vala, #gnome-design, #soc)

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