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Students, please read information about our application requirements and advice for students in addition to reviewing the ideas on this page. This list is not exclusive, and there are other ways you can define your SoC project idea. Also, please be sure to contribute some code for the module you are applying to work on before or during the application process.

Mentors, the ideas do not have to be only about modules that are in a GNOME suite. If it's a project on GNOME-related software that can benefit the GNOME community, it's also good to list it here.

When adding a project idea, please try to follow those guidelines:

please use this format, as it will be easier to get some information about tasks:

 . '''task title''' (mentor: MentorName linking to you personal info page)
 * ''Benefits'': describe the benefits of your task
 * ''Requirements'': what should the student know already?
 * Note: one or multiple notes, links, whatever further information


/!\ Ideas that GNOME mentors are especially excited about are marked with a {*}

 . '''task title''' (mentor: mentorname)
 * ''Benefits'': describe the benefits of your task
 * ''Requirements'': what should the student know already?
 * Note: one or multiple notes, links, whatever further information

. GObject Serialization for XML using GXml (mentor: Alberto Ruiz)

. Voice controls for Banshee (mentor: Alexander Kojevnikov <alexk at gnome dot org>)

. Improve Banshee's Mac and/or Windows port (mentor: Olivier Dufour <olivier dot duff at gmail dot com>)

. Pitivi: various projects (mentors: Jeff Fortin, Thibault Saunier, and others)

. Write a lockdown editor for GNOME 3 (mentor: Vincent Untz or any other volunteer)

. Sync for Epiphany (mentor: XanLopez)

. Automated WAI-ARIA testing using Accerciser (mentor: Joseph Scheuhammer)

. Profile and optimize libfolks to accelerate Shell/Contacts/Empathy (mentor: Travis Reitter)

. Epiphany A service to prevent phishing attacks (available mentors: MartinRobinson, ClaudioSaavedra, XanLopez)

. Keyring: Commnand line interface (mentor: Juan Tascon <juantascon at gmail dot com>)

Unless otherwise noted, you may make proposals related to these projects with GNOME as your mentor organization. GNOME will seriously consider applications to work on projects that are relevant to GNOME since this will help improve the user experience.

. Getting Things GNOME: Design a new UI for GTG that will fit in the Gnome 3.x desktop (mentor: BertrandRousseau)

. Getting Things GNOME: Task editor rework (mentor: LionelDricot)

. Getting Things GNOME: Reoccurring tasks (mentor: LionelDricot)

. Boxes: libosinfo-based express installation for major OSs (mentor: ZeeshanAli)

. Boxes: Ability to save and load virtual machine boxes (mentors: ZeeshanAli, MarcAndreLureau)

. Boxes: Fill the gap with Vinagre (mentors: ZeeshanAli, MarcAndreLureau)

. Boxes: Seamless applications (mentors: MarcAndreLureau)

. Anjuta: Bring clang magic to anjuta (mentor: JohannesSchmid)

. Gcalctool: Implement GNOME calculator design (mentor: RobertAncell)

. Gcalctool: Complete updated parser (mentor: RobertAncell)

. GnomeGames: Complete port to Vala and add new features (mentor: RobertAncell)

. Evolution: Add offline contact editing support to EDS’ Google Contacts backend (mentors: PhilipWithnall, MilanCrha)

. Documents: Implement support for Microsoft SkyDrive (mentor: CosimoCecchi)

. Documents: Web (Epiphany) integration (mentor: CosimoCecchi)

. Documents: Removable devices support (mentor: CosimoCecchi)

. Web: Use Zeitgeist as a history storage backend (mentor: SeifLotfy)

. GCompris is an educational software for children 2 to 10 (mentor: BrunoCoudoin).

. Rhythmbox: Amazon MP3 store support (via (mentor: JonathanMatthew)

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