OnScreenKeyboard Project

The goal of this project is to enhance user experience by being able to perform text entry without access to a physical keyboard. I will be using libcaribou features and reusing Eeekboard implementations in my code, as well, as looking at other onscreen keyboards for UI inspiration (ie. touch-screen products).

Weekly Reports

  • Week One consisted of getting in touch with my mentor and starting on the keyboard renderer. Week 1.odt

  • Week Two consisted of developing a working keyboard, which includes key presses, extended keys, and proper layout generation from the libcaribou backbone. Week 2.odt

  • Week Three consisted of showing/hiding the keyboard properly on the screen Week 3.odt

  • Week Four consisted of getting "floating" keyboard code working properly Week 4.odt

  • Week Five consisted of correctly sending signals for Ctrl/Alt key presses Week 5.odt

  • Week Six Week 6.odt

  • Week Seven Week 7.odt

  • Week Eight Week 8.odt

  • Week Nine Week 9.odt

  • Week Ten Week 10.odt

  • Week Eleven Week 11.odt

  • Week Twelve Week 12.odt

For more information about my progress check out my blog at justabovethetagclouds.blogspot.com

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