Who am I ?

My name is Mathieu Duponchelle, I am a French CS student, and I live in Lyon. I used the gnome desktop since more than one year now, I started participating to it since last October, and contributed with some patches since then, all of them for Pitivi.

What is my project ?

Basically, my project can be described that way :

Pitivi's intent is to use Python only for the GUI, and to let GStreamer do all the hard work through the Pygst bindings. The problem is that some resource-consuming notions specific to video edition, such as management of a timeline, of a track, of timeline objects etc ... have no equivalent in GStreamer, and had to be coded in Python. That can now be changed, because the team responsible for the development of Pitivi has written a new C library, called GStreamer-editing-services or GES, which deals with these notions. This library will allow people to write new video-editing softwares more simply, but also to make Pitivi more efficient and allow using the new notions introduced by GES (titling, transition types ...)

In short, my project will be to write the python bindings for GES and replace most of Pitivi's backend with these. I have already started generating the bindings, thanks to a set of python scripts usually grouped in a codegen repertory in various bindings projects, for example gst-python. However, I still have to write the override files for some methods and constructors, before the bindings will be functionnal.

I hope everyone of you spends a good GSoC, doesn't lose too much hair on nasty bugs and gets to see his project merged !

Progress before start, 2011/05/15

I already started to work on my project, and achieved some progress.

  • I used autotools to integrate the bindings in gst-editing-services code, and had them compile by the 8th of May. Since then, I've written some overrides for specific functions, wrote the basis of the test suite and merged a simple example file written by Thibault Saunier, simple.py, which creates a timeline and adds the input sources from the commandline.
  • Effects have been merged in gst-editing-services, so I integrated them to my bindings branch.
  • Finally, I've added layer management to my formatter branch, which makes it still closer from pitivi's features.

Link to my branches

If you want to have a look at my work, feel free to follow my repositories on github.

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