GTK+ refactoring to make possible GTK+ 3


The main Goal of this project is help to have GTK+ 3.0 released in time for the GNOME 3.0 release. I'd like to work in one of the tasks [1] of GTK+3: remove all public structure fields so the API is defined only in terms of function entry points (see "Features planned for 3.0" section). More detailed info here GTK+3 tasks page

The refactorization will make possible changing and add features to GTK+ more easily.

In the process I'll try to work on moving the documentation to inline comments, improve performance and use Glib defines to make the code more legible and less error-prone.

Also, I'll try to help in any other GTK+3 related tasks.

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Weekly reports

Getting the code

Initially I worked in a Gitorious clone. I've created a clone of the main GTK+ repo and the work will be available in the refactor branch

Then, as lot of work was already merged in current GTK+ master, I created a refactor branch in main GTK+ repo for the latest bits

Update: as all my work is merged in master, I removed the former branches.

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