The Project

The project aims to accomplish three things:

  1. Rewrite the UI of Cheese, making use of Vala

  2. Move from GTK+ to Clutter for the viewport

  3. Implement pluggable effects.

You can find the the full proposal here

Cheese Master now has:

1. Live Previews for effects 2. UI rewritten in Vala 3. Clutter used for video display (so more sexy transitions in the future) 4. Users can now add new effects

Cheese 3.0

We've decided to ship Cheese 2.30 (+ patches) as Cheese 2.32, so current Cheese Master (which contains my GSoC work) will ship as Cheese 3.0 (with GNOME 3.0). Cheese 2.91 will be shipped as a 'semi stable' release.

Immediate goals

1. Removal of dependency on Mx 2. Performance Improvements 3. Perform construction of GStreamer elements in a separate thread 4. Find ways to improve video recording

Status of CheeseWidget

Cheese also exported libcheese, which - among other things, exposed CheeseWidget. It enabled applications to easily embed a webcam widget without too much coding. Since we are now using clutter for the display parts, libcheese also will also now depend on libclutter. This is also a work in progress, and should be ready well before Cheese 3.0.

Getting the Code

The code is kept on GNOME Git:

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