Ease : painless presentations for the GNOME desktop

This Google Summer of Code project is about creating a presentation editor and player for the GNOME Desktop. Taking benefit of the Clutter and GTK+ libraries with the Vala programming language, it aims to be nice, fast and user-friendly (i.e GNOME-ish).

The project is driven by Nate Stedman, which is also the project's mentor.

More information (screenshots, getting the source and such) can be found on the wiki page.

Weekly reports

Week 5 and 6 were made of traveling + settling + visiting, etc.

Week 9 and 10 were also made of traveling, and the GUADEC. I did daily reports of GUADEC, available on my blog at http://freesteph.info .

Progress tracking

  • Plugin infrastructure : TODO plugins are not seperated from core yet

    • Export plugin (PDF/PNG/OGV) DONE we export to Postscript/PDF and HTML5!

    • Stock images fetcher from different (free) online sources DONE the flickr fetcher is pretty cool.

  • Presenter tips : chronometer, progress bar, spotlight (as seen in Impressive) DONE roughly done, needs more love.

  • Simple effect format (XML/JSon based) INVALID I dropped that feature, cause you don't use effects in a presentation.

  • Integration with other applications (GIMP/Inkscape/PiTiVi/F-Spot) INVALID Again, not a clever feature, you shouldn't switch between apps.

  • Translation/Packaging/Documentation DONE We use GNOME Damned Lies, we have deb and rpm packages, and the code is documented.

  • GNOME infrastructure tasks : use git.gnome.org, set up a mailing list, a wiki page and such DONE we use GNOME for code hosting, bug-tracking and the wiki. No mailing list and website though


Ease is a good presentation tool, I want to make it a great presentation tool. I'm thinking about more web integration, automatic clever alignement of elements, text shadowing and whatever the users will request along the way. I would also like to try some new UIs, the UX team will help about that.

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