The TaskView Project

The central idea is to export all information related to a running task (e.g. a download, a synchronisation, a transcode) and make them available to other applications. This allows various things like the removal of many redundant progress dialogues, the contextual display of progress information and an even more intelligent power management.

More Information

Current Status - Base System

The base system consists of the the taskview-glib library, the reference implementation of the TaskView D-Bus API, and a basic task viewer/monitor. The shipped monitor application implements following design guidelines:

Building requirements:

  • glib >= 2.25.12 (Depending on GDBus)

  • gio-2.0
  • gtk+-2.0
  • libnotify
  • telepathy-glib

Download and build the code:

cd TaskView

Install the taskview-glib library

sudo make install

Run the monitor

cd TaskView/src/monitor

Integration patches

To build the patched programs taskview-glib must be installed.


Checkout the code:

git clone git://
cd nautilus
git checkout taskview

Build and run:

sudo make install

Make sure that there is no other instance of nautilus running.


The telepathy integration patches are shipped with the TaskView project. (src/worker/tp_filetransfer_observer)


Checkout the code:

git clone git://
cd epiphany
git checkout taskview

Build and run:

sudo make install


The core components of the GNOME desktop are patched and ready, however that's only the beginning. Following things are on the roadmap

Zeitgeist Integration

Tracking of Task within the Zeitgeist framework.

GNOME Shell - Message Tray

Nautilus Integration

Weekly Reports


I really like to hear you're feedback, so just contact me:

  • Jabber: sickert AT SPAMFREE jabber DOT ccc DOT de
  • Email: sickert AT SPAMFREE in DOT tum DOT de

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