Implement effects in Pitivi

This project was about adding the possibility to add effects to the video you edit in Pitivi.

I have written a few blog post so you can have an idea about the progress I made during the summer. And I have actually finished what I had planned to do. It now needs to be polished and stabilized a bit more in order to get it merged, hopefully soon.

The UI

The new Pitivi User Interface with effects integration looks like:

Get the code

So for now the code is accessible here on my git repository: but you will also need to have the latest gstreamer from git in order to get it running.

You can get gstreamer here, but you would probably like to follow those instructions to build it.

Contact me

Email: tsaunier[at]gnome[dot]org Nickname on freenode and Gimpnet: thiblahute

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