Jokosher: Telepathy support and VoIP call recording

This proposal main aim is to provide good support in Jokosher to record podcasts over Internet (having different speakers over distance). Proposal's goals are 1) Finish current code for Telepathy support recording conversations over VoIP 2) Introduce general Telepathy Tubes support to have more advanced things like syncing hi def sound files after finishing conversation.

More information:

Weekly reports:

State of the project at the end of Google Summer of Code 2010

What is done:

  • You can make calls with Google Talk recipients and conversation is recorded for each of participants. Each participant has it's own instrument so you can later mix them, put effects on them, etc.
  • You can choose person you want to talk with using Instrument Connections dialog. It shows only persons who are online and their current status.
  • You can run Jokosher with Empathy running

What is not done:

  • Tubes support is lacking, as making simple calls done required much more time as planned
  • Simple call needs some UI improvements to be useful for everyday user
  • As mentioned in last report to the list, implementing VoIP pipeline with main playback/recording pipeline in Jokosher will require some reworking of inner logic, so it is pushed back to post-SoC

Future (post Google Summer of Code):

  • Improving simple call UI
  • Integration in main pipeline
  • Rethinking Tubes support and it's possible applications in Jokosher
  • Doing lots of podcasts as "field test" :)

Getting the code:

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