Rhythmbox: Improved Last.fm Plugin

The goal of this project is to bring slicker, prettier and more exciting Last.fm integration to Rhythmbox. This will involve:

  • Updating existing scrobbling and radio streaming code to use the most recent API
  • A sexy overview screen of the user's profile with suggestions and listening stats
  • Being able to listen to a chosen radio stream in a few clicks of a button
  • Support for other compatible services, such as Libre.fm

Current Status

The project is now nearing completion. Scrobbling and radio streaming have been ported to use the newest API. The source shows an overview of the user's profile with easy access to creating radio stations. Libre.fm happily works alongside Last.fm.

I will spend the remainder of the project fixing small things and adding a few small features, as well as trying to bring the code to a high enough standard so that it will be merged upstream.

Weekly Reports

Gimme Some Code

The code is available on gitorious: http://gitorious.org/rb-lastfm

  • git clone git://gitorious.org/rb-lastfm/rb-lastfm.git

Talk to Me

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