Anjuta Snippets Manager

Anjuta Snippets Manager features

  • Here is a brief list of features that I managed to implement until the end of GSoC (though some of them require testing):
  • Dynamic snippets which have their variables edited after insertion (in a similar way with GEdit snippets for example)

  • An auto-complete based insertion which actually does a database search for the most relevant snippets for the given search string.

  • A trigger-key based insertion.

  • Browsing, editing, adding, removing and even inserting from the snippets browser dockable window which also has an attached editor which is shown only when editing.

  • A very basic import/export feature right now (as there are not too many options when importing or exporting), but it can be easily enhanced with support for snippet formats from other editors.

Right now, the snippets plugin is not working properly with Scintilla, so I recommend using it only with GtkSourceView.

Getting the code

  • Most of my work at GSoC can be found as a really big patch attached to this bug. Also, most of the time I had the code up on github, but some recent changes can't be viewed there. Still, if you would like to see the commit history you can look there.

Future plans

  • Continue to support the snippets plugin with bug fixing (and I guess I will have quite a lot bugs to solve soon).
  • Improve the import/export feature.
  • Fix the compatibility problems with the Scintilla editor.
  • Add new enhancements based on user feedback.

Weeky reports

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