Enhance the operation of GNOME Shell LookingGlass

The goal of this project is to extend LookingGlass, GNOME Shell's debugging console, in order to provide css support. In specific, the user will be able to view and edit an element's CSS rules. This feature will enable managing an element's design (appearance), independently from its JavaScript functionality, and will hopefully be a user-friendly tool for designers to experiment on the look and feel of GNOME widgets.


  • Add a tab, called Css File, where the gnome-shell.css file can be viewed.


  • Add CSS information for the inspection tool of LookingGlass.


  • Change a widget's CSS on the fly, save the changes made in case the user wants to use them.
    • Shift+E allows editing the text in the bubble, Shift+R restores the original theme and the
    • changes made in the last session can be found in test-css.css file saved in the same directory
    • as the gnome-shell.css file.


  • Integration with gedit
    • Not Implemented...yet :)


Additional Info

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