Revision Control for Tomboy Notes (mentor: NONE)

This idea is stolen from The GSOC 2007 Ideas page. It seems that it was not implemented/taken by anyone. Last year the proposed mentor was SandyArmstrong, but I don't know if he wants to do it this year. (I don't. --SandyArmstrong)

Benefits: Simple and easy to use note-taking for the paranoid user. :)

Requirements: C# programming, basic experience in a version control system like cvs/svn/bzr/git/, etc.

  • Notice that Tomboy doesn't have a "save" button. If your solution adds a "commit" button, you might be on the wrong track.
  • Does your solution involve putting note files in a svn (or whatever) repository? How does the user manage that repository? Is version control optional?
  • Really, we're interested in hearing peoples' ideas on how to achieve this and still have an awesome friendly simple Tomboy. But it seems tricky and we'll probably be hard to convince.
  • It might be cool to integrate this into an "undelete" or "wastebasket" feature (currently when you "delete" a note it is just moved into a subfolder, but you have to recover manually)
  • The idea might also be implemented with the sync feature. If the version control is in bzr/git, it can have a several local branches on several computers, and a server were all the notes are stored and is always accessible (with an internet connection).

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