Student: Surendran - , Mentor: Naba Kumar

Aim :

  • To develop an automated testing suite for Anjuta and its plugins
  • To develop a generic plugin testing framework , so that new plugins can be added to the testing suite easily.

Language,packages,features to be used/known

  • LDTP - Linux Desktop Testing project
  • Python - ( the LDTP has a python based API )
  • General Understanding of GTK based application works
  • Accessibility - The LDTP framework uses Accessibilty to generate UI events

Deliverables :

  • A complete automated testing suite for anjuta. This may include tests for all the ways in which an user might use anjuta . This suite also should attempt for accomodating the changes in anjuta later.
  • To work around with LDTP editor and modify it so that all new developers for anjuta can create new tests for their plugins/features is to record the events and not write a single line of code
  • To take the standard features of Anjuta and to implement a regression testing module

Additional Deliverables :

  • To develop a code coverage plugin using gcov and similar profiler tools
  • To write general classes for testing dialogs ,menus and widgets that can be extended to any application later.

Sample code :

( The following ia a working LDTP code : Though this does nothing but opens a new document , saves it as random.c and quit anjuta. To test it you might have to install LDTP ! Any problems , you can mail me)

  • Get the tar.gz file here and after installing LDTP , the sample can be run as ldtprunner run.xml from the shell

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