Idea for Summer of Code 2008: Integrate anjuta and glade

Currently it is possible to edit glade files in anjuta but integration is not very good. Ideally it should work just as trivial as in MS Visual Basic or Borland Delphi:

  • Automatically create stubs for signal
  • For each toplevel window in a glade, create a class and modify this class when the glade file is edited. Of course that does not mean to generate code for UI (use libglade/GtkBuilder instead) but to create members for all interesting child widgets, load those in the constructor, connect the signals, etc.
  • Clicking on a button(or other suitable widget) should automaticly jump to the callback function or create it if appropriate.
  • Everything should be done in a language-independant way with backends for the most common languages (at least, C, C++, Python, maybe Vala)

If you want to apply for this task, have a look at what VB or Delphi do and add detailed information about what you plan to do in your application. This is just a very abstract description of the task and you should fill it with life. Work has to be done in both modules, anjuta and glade3.

Some ideas can also be found at though it would be nice if it work beyond those. Other ideas in Anjuta Roadmap.

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